用途/APPLICATON机座号(Frame Size):1#~6#
频率(Frequency):50Hz或60Hz( 50Hz or 60 Hz)
Applicable to constant power speed range of not more than 2: 1, the overload capacity of not more than 1.5 times the rated torque of the power drag. In order to adapt to a wide range of constant torque control and precision speed control, the excitation voltage according to the different excitation power can be 110 volts. 220 volts, can also be other suitable voltage.防护等级(Protection Class):IP23
绝缘等级(Insulation Class):B级或F级或H级(B or F or H)
环境温度(Ambient Temperature):-20℃~50℃
海拔(Altitude): 海拔(Altitude): 0m